DMB Elite Leather MMA Gloves

These MMA grappling gloves are designed to give you support during your training or sparring session. the gloves are made with premium and durable cowhide leather that offer maximum strength. Protection and breath-ability are emphasized with the design of these gloves and offer just that while training or sparring. Plus, the hook and loop strap make for an easy on and off which will have you ready to go in no time.

Boxing Equipment and MMA Fighting Gear Online Store

We have made an executive decision to bring you face masks at affordable prices. 

Whether you are just getting into martial arts, are a professional fighter, or are into boxing for the numerous health benefits, you need the best fighting gear available, at prices you can afford. Look no further. Our boxing equipment and MMA fighting gear is manufactured to industry specifications from the highest-quality materials available in the industry today. Best of all, it won’t break the bank!


What We Sell

We carry a wide variety of fighting equipment to meet your needs. We manufacture all of our products to exacting specifications. We know how each piece is made and what it’s made from, and we stand by our products.

If you’re interested in wholesale, click on the “Contact Us” link to send us an email and we will be glad to assist and answer any questions you may have.

Boxing Gloves

Our gloves are made to withstand the toughest blows, hit after hit. Ideal for both sparring and fighting, our gloves are made to last with the best materials on the market.

MMA Fighting Gloves 

Our MMA shooter gloves are made with durable cowhide leather to offer maximum strength and help you get the most power per punch, and are designed to provide maximum support during your training or sparring session.

Hand Wraps

Our thick elasticated hand wraps are ideal for any fighter looking for maximum hand protection for a fighting or training session. Featuring soft and comfortable elastic material, a thumb loop for a secure hold, and a wrist strap for maximum protection, our hand wraps will keep your hands and wrists supported and safe.


Your brain is your best asset. The DMB flex-mold boxing head guard is designed to keep your head safe in the ring so you can focus on your technique and form. 

Who We Are

Have you ever used fighting gear that just wasn’t up to par and thought “Somebody should make something better than this”? We have, so we decided to do something about it.


Based on Long Island, New York, was founded in 2018 by fighters who wanted to make the best quality fighting equipment in the business at the lowest possible prices. We guarantee everything we make, and we’re ready to help you take your fight to the next level. If you're interested in purchasing your own branded gloves we also do wholesale. Click here to learn more.