The Top 5 Best Boxing Gloves

The Top 5 Best Boxing Gloves

Face it, every time you look at scoring some boxing gloves, you’re a little bit worried that they’ll make you look like a newbie. You want gloves that are cool, professional, and feel great. We’ve all picked something that looked cool in the store but made us feel like a loser once we saw it on the field, on the course, or in the ring.

Every glove description on the internet will tell you that its “durable, comfortable, and provides excellent protection and shock absorption.” You’ll have to cut through the flowery language, get down to the specs, and determine what gloves you’ll need according to what you want to do in the gym.

Choose boxing gloves based on what you want to do with them. Usually, you’re going to want to have a couple or even a few different gloves in your arsenal. It prevents you from getting too comfortable with a single style and forces you to develop your hits with different types of padding and weight. Check out the list to see what’s good for sparring and what’s good for bag work and mitt work.

When you’re snagging gloves, you’re also looking for countries and vibes. Get gloves with a story. Buy some gloves from Manhattan, from Mexico, and from Japan. Boxing is a worldwide sports phenomenon, and you’re participating in a long tradition. Show some pride in the international sport and put some international gloves in the rotation!

Here are all the boxing gloves you should own that will feel great to hit with but don’t make you look like a try hard:

1. DMB Boxing 

Gloves Overview:

The DMB G1 gloves come straight out of Pakistan and have a bone to pick with any bag or mitt you throw their way. Top of the line shock absorption allows you to train longer and harder. If you box to work up a sweat and hit away the cares and wears of the world, the G1s are your gloves.

Basic Takeaways:

  • Dense foam for comfort and impact
  • Perfect for bag and mitt work and fitness boxing
  • Great shock absorption, allowing you to train longer and harder
  • Reinforced palm


If sparring and training are what you’re about, the G1s might not be the best gloves for you. But if you’re going to be training with bag work, fitness boxing, and mitt work in the gym, then the DMB Boxing G1s will be the ideal boxing glove. It’s got a no-nonsense design and is great for beginners while still pleasing the advanced users.

DMB Boxing gloves are great for fitness training. They swing cleanly and don’t tire you out with big hits to your hands and arms.

The design is for everyone and may come across as a bit plain. If you want a modern boxing glove with edgy design, however, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better starter glove.

The shock absorption that the G1s offer allows you to train longer and harder because your hands won’t tire out before your arm muscles do. The foam absorbs blows and keeps your arms fresh longer because your muscles don’t have to handle the shotgun kick of your punches. The design distributes shock to minimize wear and tear on both the gloves and your hands.

Under the hand panels, they’ve placed a mesh system to keep your hands cool. Boxing gloves can heat up like ovens once your blood starts pumping and hands start taking blows, making you want to take them off and dunk your hands in ice long before the workout is done. The G1a has a mesh to help handle that.

DMB Boxing is a new company out of the heart New York, popping up just under a year ago as a boxing mixed-martial arts e-commerce site. It’s a truly at home company that wants to spread boxing as something for all you want to better themselves. The G1s gloves are completely handmade in Pakistan with synthetic leather to bring great fighting at a good price.

Find them on Amazon here.

2. Everlast PowerLock Training


The Everlast PowerLock is the latest glove line from one of the most classic names in boxing. If Google is synonymous with search engines, Everlast is synonymous with boxing gloves. The company has been providing the world with top boxing gear since 1910 and is continuing to do so. The PowerLock line both pays homage to their long history, but uses the latest tech to support your fists for hours of boxing.

Jack Dempsey and Sugar Ray Robinson wore their gloves. It was Dempsey who helped design their first gear. When you wear Everlast, you’re putting on the gear that the champs did. The PowerLock line brings this championship gear to a level you can play at, especially with the Everlast PowerLock Training.

Basic Takeaways:

  • Foam “PowerLock” construction guides your hand into a natural fist position
  • Durable and long-lasting, feels like a fresh glove after hours of hitting
  • American branded boxing company based in Manhattan
  • Lower price tag, great intro boxing glove
  • All-around specs for sparring, bag work, and mitt work 


They’ve outdone themselves with their latest line of gloves, the PowerLock. For training, you can’t go wrong with the PowerLock Training. In heavier lines of duty, go with the PowerLock Prop gloves. The entire front page of their website is parading the PowerLock right now, the newest and greatest glove for the amateur boxer. 

If you want a glove that feels light, looks great, and has enough padding so that you don’t bust your hands slapping stuff around in the gym, you can’t go wrong with the PowerLock. The gloves are well padded and don’t wear down quickly. After hours of hitting, they still feel like they’re new. 

Punching with the PowerLock gloves is like punching down a tube because the anatomical foam construction helps correct your fist. The gloves glide through the air, naturally balling your hand and helping you worry more about where you’re hitting than how you’re hitting. The satisfying “thud” on impact doesn’t hurt their case. 

The PowerLock training gloves are ready to help you correct your bad form. The anatomical foam construction is built to help your hand form a fist and hold that position. No more injuries from limp hands or poor posture. The PowerLock makes sure that when you hit, you’re hitting tightly.

If you upgrade to the PowerLock Training Pro, you’ll get ergonomically layered foam for extra fist positioning and support. The Training Pro also features premium leather for increased durability and performance. 

Everlast is one of the oldest, most well-respected names in boxing. They started out making swimsuits guaranteed to last and long since moved on to making durable, long-lasting boxing gloves. Based in Manhattan, they deliver you the all-American boxing glove. If you’ve never owned an Everlast or are just getting into boxing, the PowerLock Training gloves is a great first option.

 Find them on Amazon here.

3. Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training Gloves

Gloves Overview:

The Cleto Reyes gloves are a great glove when you’re moving from bag work to more sparring and heavier workouts. Padded, durable, and a thumb attachment to protect your most valuable digit. It’s got a significantly different vibe than the American Everlast brand, bringing you Mexico’s finest style and hitting power.

Basic Takeaways:

  • Cleto Reyes is a Mexican boxing glove brand bringing you power and speed
  • The hoop and loop closure attaches firm yet allows quick adjustment
  • Thumb guard helps prevent thumb injuries.


The Cleto Reyes are the perfect gloves if you are looking for some pizazz with some class. They’ll make you stand out, without getting you laughed off the floor. They come in red, black, white, yellow, blue, pink and a Mexican flag pattern. Cleto Reyes separate themselves by their iconic sound. When you hit bags and pads, they make the satisfying pop and sizzle sound that you want from your gloves. 

The gloves are mostly monochrome, delivering a classic look without sparking too many colors everywhere. Unless, of course, you grab the extra patriotic flag pattern. Be sure to back that one up with some punches if you opt for the red, green, and white!

Punching with the Cleto Reyes is like sending a firecracker into a pillow. The gloves absorb the shock without taking away the hit. They have the least absorption of any glove on this list, which also gives them the greatest strike power. If you’re looking for hard hits and a close feel, Cleto Reyes is perfect. 

Quintessentially Mexican, the Cleto Reyes are the nation’s official boxing glove and great boxing export. The gloves are handmade in Mexico, with strict quality control and genuine cow leather. Started in Mexico City, the gloves are now distributed internationally and are well known in the world of boxing. 

The hook and loop training gloves have a velcro strap for quick access and easy punching. Hoop and loop closures give you the security of lacing boxing gloves but allow for far quicker adjustments in the gym. If laces are more your taste, they also have a more classic glove, in the Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves with Attached Thumb for Training. The extra long laces will provide more support than the hoop and loop closures, with a bit less freedom of adjustment on the fly.

The gloves are great for training and sparring, with complete knuckle protection, wrist support, and a thumb guard. Super lightweight, at 12oz they offer hard hits and quick strikes. If you’re looking for hand protection, the Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop are not the gloves for you. They’re made for damage, power, and quick hits--not for stamina and hand protection over time.

Find them on Amazon here.

4. Title Classic Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

Gloves Overview:

The Title Classic Pro series features a classic, simple design, and you can’t beat the price. The Pro Style Leather Training Gloves are the best combination of accessibility, comfort, and prowess. The Lace Ups give you the best classic feel, straight out of a 90s boxing movie. 

Basic Takeaways:

  • Full-grain leather shell gives you a durable glove
  • Shock absorbing foam to protect your hands
  • Leather wrist strap with hook-and-loop closure
  • Nylon hand liner repels moisture to keep gloves fresh. 


Title Classic Pro Style Leather Training Gloves are a great mix of accessibility and price. If you’re just getting into boxing, and you’re looking for a good basic spec glove with a variety of uses, these are your gloves.

The colors are a bit vivid at first, so if you opt for the blue or red, be prepared to break them in a bit before they fade to gym-appropriate stylings. You can’t go wrong with the classic black and white gloves, of course.

Punching with the Title Classic Pro’s feels like swinging pillows--small, dense, rock-hard pillows. Great protection with a lovely amount of punching power.

The Title Classic Pro’s last longer than most gloves--you can workout with these gloves every day and they’ll last for two years. Again, the durability and protection make them a great intro glove.

Gloves can become disgusting, quickly. You’ll clean your gloves after the first couple uses and then become lazy, causing gross results. The Title Classic Pro’s are trying to help you out with a nylon hand compartment that doesn’t retain moisture, air drying much better than the other gloves on this list. If you want to box, take them off, and forget about them, the Title Classic Pro’s have you covered.

The Title Classic Pro line features 12, 14, and 16 oz sizes, customized to every boxing need. The 12 are great for bag workouts and lighter hits, while the 16 give you the coverage and safety you need for sweat and sparring. With the heavier gloves, you’ll protect your hands like few other gloves for the price point. You’ll hit bags longer and harder, and the gloves hold up beautifully over time. If you’re interested in protecting the money-makers, the Pro Style Leather Gloves are top of the line.

If the Title Classic Pro Style Leather isn’t quite your speed, check out the similar Title Classic Lace Ups. They come with a full-length palm lace attachment. The Title Classic Lace Ups will sacrifice some durability, but you can’t beat the retro look. If you loved old boxing movies, these gloves will lace up and jump straight out of the silver screen to your gym.

The Lace Ups are Title Classic top sellers for around 20 years. The 2.0 edition, better than ever, has 2” of shock absorbing foam to make sure you don’t feel the hits the way your opponents do. They come broken it, with top-grain leather. The lacing on the gloves allows you to adjust and secure the gloves to any hand size and fighting style.

Find the Title Classic Pro Style Leather Training Gloves on Amazon here.

5. WINNING - MS500

Gloves Overview:

The right gloves are all about intended use. If you plan on sparring, training with others, and smacking some people around in the ring, Winning’s MS500 is the best glove. The retro blue or red color and white laces will be iconic to everyone in the gym. The MS500 are some of the best consumer gloves on the market.

Simple Takeaways:

  • Manufactured by Winning in Japan, a well-known and well-respected company in boxing.
  • Stylish blue/red and white lacings
  • Well balanced padding, for both comfort and strike speed
  • No nonsense structure, leather on the outside, thin high-density foam inside
  • Thumb guard makes them great for sparring and training
  • High price but high quality


Beautifully made, perfect hand positioning, and great padding. Winning gloves carry a hefty price tag but always justify it with durability and top line style. The investment is worth the professional gear. If the price tag dissuades you, look into the lower MS brands to still get that Winning quality gear at lower price points.

When you put on the MS500, the first thing you’ll notice is their stunning balance. It’s difficult to deliver a high amount of padding and keep the gloves balanced for quick, accurate hits. The MS500 balance the padding perfectly so that you feel like your hands have grown boxing gloves, instead of feeling like you put on puffy oven mitts! 

Punching with the MS500 is unparalleled. It does feel like your hands have grown gloves. The swing is natural, like swinging a bare fist, but powerful with the extra weight of the boxing glove. If you’re looking for a natural swing arc, the MS-line is perfect.

The punches are like snakebites, clicking when the high-density foam finishes the impact! 

The Anti-thumbing style protects your thumb when you’re in the midst of sparring. You’ll never worry less about protection than when you put on an MS-line product. The side of the glove features a piece that pushes your thumb away from your other fingers, so you never accidentally pin it into your fist.

While most gloves try to overwhelm you with product details, the MS products feature a simple design, and they don’t oversell it. The leather on the outside, impact absorber in the middle, and high-density foam to keep your hands in place and absorb the final impact. It’s a simple structure that offers you great protection and strike speed.

The gloves are manufactured in Japan from quality leather, ensuring quality and special touch on every glove. The company will also welcome tailor-made gloves and personalization. If you’re looking to show class, try snagging a pair of customized MS gloves. It's a brand that’s well respected enough that you can get away with some quirkier designs which might be laughed at on other products.

Winning gloves are Japan’s finest boxing product. You can find their USA distribution site, complete with the basic streamlined web design you’d expect from a product that knows they’ve got more fire than flash. They don’t even try to oversell you the products on the site. They expect you’ve heard of them, and they expect you’re there to buy. Simple images, simple structure.

Find them on Amazon here. They ship from Japan but arrive extremely quickly! You can also snag them on Winning’s USA website, where they have a full line and not just the MS500.


All of these 5 gloves are extremely different, and suitable for different things. If you’re new to boxing, the Everlast PowerLock and Title Classics provide cheaper yet high-quality entry points. If you’re looking to step up your game, the Cleto Reyes and Winning MS will do just that. 

Some gloves are good for sparring, and some gloves are great for using boxing as an alternative workout. Here are the big takeaways from the top 5 boxing gloves to add to your rotation:

DMB Boxing G1

  • Great for: An everyday glove from a recent company, offering endurance and affordable price points
  • Style: Modern, postmodern, edgy
  • Specs: Great for endurance training, boxing as fitness

Everlast PowerLock

  • Great for: The PowerLock is great for starting out, and a great intro into a century-old American tradition of boxing gloves.
  • Style: Modern, Manhattan
  • Specs: All-around good for sparring, bag work, and training

Cleto Reyes

  • Great for: The Cleto Reyes Hook & Loop Training gloves are a mid to high-end boxing glove with a Mexico City heritage and an American edge.
  • Style: Classic, Mexican, Monochrome
  • Specs: Great for sparring and damage punches

Title Classic

  • Great for: A cheaper classic glove, offering you lacings and hook & loop models.
  • Style: Classic with a modern touch
  • Specs: A cheaper way to get into sparring, training, and mitt work.

Winning MS500

  • Great for: Japanese model that carries a hefty price but great specs. One of the better gloves you can grab if money is not an issue.
  • Style: Classic, Japanese, two-tone
  • Specs: Great for fighting, sparring, and training. 

The stats in the summary are helpful because every glove is going to tell you that it offers durability, comfort, and power. Each glove offers these in various degrees. Hopefully, you can get an idea from the summary of some different things that you want to do with your boxing gloves, and the right gloves for you based on those specs.