How Boxing Can Help You Get Fit

How Boxing Can Help You Get Fit

Exercise is not a lot of people’s favorite activity, even though it contributes to their overall health and wellbeing. Getting in a good round of cardio daily is helpful when it comes to losing weight and pulling up your heart rate.

Boxing is actually a great exercise to get into if you’re looking to improve your fitness. This is because it takes a lot of time and dedication to train for boxing. You just don’t learn to fight over night; you work for weeks or more to build up your strength.

A full body workout is provided in each session of training for boxing, covering all your bases so that you can reap all the benefits from boxing.

Boxing is a huge part of the training regimen for many different people whose main focus is not to fight, but to play other sports or keep their bodies in shape. A few of the pay offs of boxing include improving upon many skills like balance, strength, posture, and endurance. This is great for people involved in all types of activities, even something seemingly unrelated like rock climbing or basketball.

Should I Try Boxing?

Obviously this type of exercise is a bit too intense for a lot of people, but if you’re healthy and able then you might as well give it a shot. You can learn how to box properly without ever needing to set foot in the ring, in case you’re worried about contact or any problems that could stem from that.

Trying out a new exercise regimen as rigorous as boxing is nothing you shouldn’t do without being prepared. Check with your doctor if you have concerns and make sure you have their approval before starting.

Once you’re ready to give boxing a chance, there are a few ways to see if it is the right fit for you.

Where to Start

Starting out on your own isn’t always the best option, so it might be a good idea to try out a class or a one on one session with a personal trainer. This way you approach boxing safely and with a bit of knowledge instead of without any help.

A few different ideas of how to get your introduction include:

  • Boxing Drills: You can get some of the best benefits just from going through basic drills. You don’t need to fight or get too serious; you can easily find that the drills are a great way to improve your fitness.
  • Find a Boxing Gym: Don’t try to start boxing alone at your local gym, instead search out a local boxing gym to test out your skills. They often have trainers or beginners lessons where you can test your mettle and learn how to go about your training. If you like it after a few classes you can consider what to move to next at the gym.
  • Kickboxing Class: Checking out kickboxing is a great way to see if the intensity of boxing is a good fit. You’ll learn how to properly punch and kick, and see if you like the way your body feels during and after. Some people just can’t handle the amount of soreness they may feel in certain muscles, or not have the required flexibility. That’s perfectly fine, and important to learn early on.
  • YouTube: Believe it or not YouTube videos are a great way to get ideas about where to start if you want to just learn the basics before going all in. There’s all sorts of videos online ready to teach you.

The Best Benefits of Boxing

There are plenty of benefits that come from boxing. It’s better for your heart to do cardio at least a few times a week, and boxing has that covered. Boxing is also far more exciting and stimulating mentally than just checking out and running miles on a treadmill.

Another great part about boxing is that it can help strengthen your body. Engaging the muscles necessary to kick and punch heavy bags or material can really build them up. It’s almost a good idea to practice strength building exercises while boxing and it will all add up.

Improving hand-eye coordination is a key aspect of boxing. You learn to dodge and punch with accuracy, which helps your agility and speed.

Boxing is a great way to get fit, and adding it to your fitness regimen is the best idea you could have if you’re looking to improve yourself.