Boxing Headgear

Protective Headgear For Boxing & Sparring

The possibility of injury is ever-present in contacts sports. It is therefore vital that you take every possibly precaution to protect yourself; after all, you can’t perform at your best if you’re hurt.

While MMA involves striking your opponent anywhere on their body, in boxing punches are limited to the body or head of the opponent. That means that the most important protective equipment a boxer can have is headgear. Considering that boxers spend the majority of their time taking blows to the head, you should invest in quality boxing headgear to wear anytime, whether sparring or competing.

Whether you prefer boxing or MMA, you should never fight without headgear. Even if you’re “just sparring,” the possibility of injury is real, and injuries can be devastating if the proper equipment isn’t worn. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

Our DMB flex-mold protective headgear is designed to keep your head safe in the ring so you can focus on your technique and form. Our headgear is built to last and can be worn as both boxing headgear and sparring MMA headgear. We offer a variety of colors and fits, and our headgear is comfortable and light-weight, so it won’t weigh you down.

We offer three different fits of protective headgear, and many customers want to know which fit is right for them. Here are several tips:

  • There is no one-size-fits-all boxing headgear or MMA headgear. People’s heads come in different sizes and shapes.
  • Protective headgear should cradle your head without making you feel constricted or trapped. The headgear should fit snugly but should not be be compressing the front, back, or sides of your head uncomfortably.
  • While headgear will usually feel foreign to beginners, it will eventually come to feel like part of your body when you fight. That said, your protective head gear should never feel cumbersome or “too heavy.” You should have full range-of-motion of the head and neck and be able to move your head as you normally do when engaging in strenuous exercise.

We offer three specific styles of headgear to provide you the fit and comfort that you require. Our headgear is designed to offer maximum visibility, featuring cheek protectors and an adjustable chin strap so you can get the perfect fit.

Finally, as the old adage goes, “the best protection is complete evasion.” It should go without saying that the best way to protect yourself from head injuries is not to get hit in the first place. Though cuts, scrapes, swelling, and bruising can still happen even if you’re wearing headgear, it’s much less likely. Make sure you’re working with a coach or trainer who teaches you avoidance techniques to maximize your evasive maneuvering ability and minimize the impacts you take directly to the head.

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Happy fighting!