Wholesale Boxing Gloves & Private Labeling For MMA Equipment

DMB Boxing is proud to offer the finest in wholesale boxing gloves and private label MMA gear at the most competitive prices in the industry. Whether you’re a gym, a fight team, or just looking for that personalized touch to your training gear, we can help. Our wholesale and private label gear doesn’t just look great, it’s also built tough, ready to support you through the most rigorous of training sessions. Feel free to give us a call at 516-754-5249


Get the Gear You Need

Your work hard to give the best in training to your students and customers, shouldn’t they have access to the best gear, too? When new customers students come in and sign up, you need to have the equipment available for them to get started right away. Headgear, boxing gloves, wraps, and more – we can help you be sure that you’re well stocked with our wholesale boxing gear.

DMB Boxing is a distributor that has all the gear you need, at wholesale prices. You can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best deal on boxing and MMA equipment for your gym.

The DMB Difference

We aren’t just a wholesale distributor, we actually make all of our own high-quality gear. Because of this, we are able to produce boxing and MMA gear that meets the highest standards, while still maintaining industry leading wholesale prices. We feature low minimum order quantities, so you don’t have ever to wait to restock the items that you need.

We know that running a gym is often done on tight margins, and we want to do everything we can to help lower your overhead costs of equipment. We are a company built by fighters, for fighters and their gym owners.

Private Label Boxing MMA Gear

Ready to take the branding of your gym or team to a new level? DMB - a wholesaler that offers custom private label gear featuring your branding and design on our high-quality equipment. Nothing looks more professional than an entire class of all wearing the same, uniform gloves and wraps.

Are you looking to add MMA and boxing gear to your lineup of existing products? We are just the solution you are looking for. You can easily integrate our products with your own private labeling, providing your customers with some of the best training equipment on the market. From Muay Thai to MMA, we have all the gear you need.

What We Sell

We’ve been around the fight game for a long time, and we have developed what we think is a lineup of the best gloves and other gear available on the market.

Wholesale Boxing Gloves 

While we know the bulk of the gyms that buy from us are fitness oriented, our gloves are built to go round after round and hold up to the heaviest hitters. Our gloves are made from real cowhide leather and built to keep your hands cool, dry, and ready to rumble.

MMA Gloves 

MMA is one of the hottest sports there is, and with good reason as it teaches excellent self-defense skills while promoting excellent overall fitness. Whether your gym is full of weekend warriors or has a competitive fight team, our wholesale MMA gloves get the job done. They are designed to offer excellent movement and grip while providing the support needed for powerful punchers.

Affordable Boxing Hand Wraps 

As a coach and gym owner, you take safety seriously, and some of the most critical pieces of safety equipment are hand wraps. Our wraps are made from heavy elastic material, designed to support the hand and wrist, punch after punch.

Boxing Headgear Supplier

Making sure your students and customers are always protecting their brain should be at the top of your list as a gym owner or coach. DMB’s headgear is built to keep the head and brain safe while providing excellent vision and mobility.

DMB Is Ready to Help With Your Wholesale and Private Label Needs

Don’t delay in calling us to get started on your wholesale, or private label gear order. With our competitive pricing and low order minimums, we are the quality equipment partner that you need. We manufacture all of our own gloves, wraps, and headgear in bulk, and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We know that you take the safety and wellbeing of your student’s and customers seriously, and so do we.

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